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Afternoon Shift

*Finish Laundry. Go around once more about 30 min before you leave. Try not to leave huge loads for the next shift.
*Close Blinds
*Empty all Trash Bins
(Don’t forget Lynette’s room, by the nail tables, in the lash room. Lock door if no one is there.) (Push the new bag down to there’s not so much air under it.)
*Fill water fridge.
*Check bathrooms for TP, paper towels, soap etc.
*Clean bathrooms
*Close Blinds
*Put bar on back door

*Settle out Computer (leave computer on always)

*Lock till

*Check and turn off station lights, hot tools, fans, heaters, etc (the stylists should turn theirs off but people forget sometimes, you NEED to double check so the place doesn't burn down.)

*Turn open sign off

*If everyone is gone, make sure there is not someone coming back before you leave.

*Turn of all lights. (leave the 3 over the reception desk on always)

*Turn on doorbell

*Lock the right door

*Clock out

*Turn on alarm

*Exit and lock the other door.

*Pull door to make sure both are locked

If someone(s) is still working after closing:
*Tell them you are leaving and let them know if anyone else is still there
*Make sure Brooke, Brenda, Alisa, Stacy, etc are not in their rooms (check the schedule) so the alarm doesn't get turned on while they are there.
*If someone wants to buy a product after the computer has been settled, LET THEM. It’s not a big deal it will just show on the next days settlement.


*If you know someone is going to be working after close and it’s a new client ask them if they are comfortable with you leaving (before the client shows up) If not call Blaine or Katlyn and stay until someone can get there. (This shouldn't be often, but every once and a while it might)

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