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Shampoo and Condition

Normcore Conditioner

Great for daily use on all hair types.

Infused with essential vitamins and antioxidants that help cleanse and hydrate as well as Shea butter to detangle, soften, and hydrate hair without weighing it down.

Normcore Shampoo

Great for daily use on all hair types.

Infused with essential vitamins and antioxidants that help cleanse and hydrate hair as well as and coconut acid which add conditioning properties and creates a light bubbly lather.

3D Shampoo

Volume Shampoo.

Take volume to the next dimension. This weightless shampoo thoroughly cleanses and plumps from root to tip for the ultimate go-big moment now, and healthier-looking hair every time you use it thanks to Redensyl®.

provides instant fullness and lift, contributes to a thicker look and feel, cleans without drying or weighing down,  sets the stage for long-term volume

For: fine, limp, or flat hair 

 The Kure Shampoo

Repair Shampoo to mend & strengthen hair particularly from any type of chemical treatment.

Made with Hydrolized keratin & Wheat Protein, as well as avocado oil for  a creamy lather.

Provides a gentle cleanse that restores moisture, elasticity and softness.

3D Conditioner

Volume Conditioner.

Lightweight conditioner provides the ultimate thickening boost for big results with a voluminous finish.

Improves hair volume and manageability, provides thickness and natural shine, lightly moisturizes and weightlessly detangles, promotes a healthy, balanced scalp for fuller and thicker hair 

For: fine, limp, or flat hair 

The Kure Conditioner

Repair Conditioner to mend & strengthen hair particularly from any type of chemical treatment. 

After cleansing with The Kure Repair Shampoo, gently massage a small amount of The Kure Repair Conditioner from mid-lengths to ends.

Rich and restoring but light enough for everyday use.

Uses Shea butter to improve elaasticity and prevent future breakage

Bust Your Brass

Shampoo & Conditioner

Highly pigmented for all  types of blonde hair (Natural or enhanced)

Violet pigments keep blondes cool  counteracting harsh brassy tones for bright shiny results.

Also re-nourishing, and repairing sharing technology with The Kure.

Toning results from Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo + Conditioner will depend on hair porosity and thickness of hair before rinsing. Use as often as needed.

Pro Tip:  Apply Bust Your Brass Shampoo  with a toner on wet or dry hair or after lightening, let sit for about 10 minutes and then rinse.

Vault Shampoo

Vault Conditioner

Color preserving, protect from fading and free radical damage.

Great for all types and especially for clients looking to prolong their color vibrancy.

UV Filters provide a protective layer and anti-oxidants fight dulling effects of hard water and  prevent buildup while gently cleansing and conditioning.

Velveteen Dream Shampoo & Conditioner

Combat frizz on all hair types. Cleans, Smooths, Protects against humidity for up to 48 hours.

Conditioner detangles and softens for silky results that last.

Sexture Shampoo

Sexy, tousled style straight out of the shower - no bed needed. Zeolite provides long-lasting grit and beachy texture. The result is a next level bedhead, full of body, volume and texture without drying.

Wet hair. Massage through. Leave on 1-2 minutes. Rinse. No conditioner needed. Perfect for air-dry styling.

Special Order

Reset Shampoo

Clarifying gel shampoo

attract dirt like a magnet to draw out impurities + remove product buildup, without stripping. reset clarifying gel shampoo is a unique aerosol gel-to-foam that rids hair of oil, dirt, odor + sweat while replenishing moisture + reviving volume

great for oily scalps, avid dry shampoo users + fine to medium hair types

reset clarifying shampoo is not recommended for color treated hair

dispense reset clarifying gel shampoo into hands, apply to wet hair and massage thoroughly from root to tip. rinse and follow with the reset cooling gel conditioner—massaged into wet hair for 1-2 minutes. rinse

use each wash for oily hair or weekly for a fresh start

Special Order

Nice Cream

A Cleansing conditioner with no lather.

Made with nourishing ingredients like grape seed oil,  Opeptide and Soybean Protein.

Gently cleanses and weightlessly hydrates in one step without striping or drying out the scalp.

For wavy hair alternate every other wash.

Curly and Coil type hair can relay almost exclusively on this cleanser.

(Special Order)

Special Order

Reset Conditioner

Cooling gel conditioner

this cooling conditioner is like a breath of fresh air for your scalp with a unique gel formula that delivers hydration without the weight. enriched with refreshing menthol, this formula soothes the scalp + restores moisture balance

great for oily scalps, avid dry shampoo users + fine to medium hair types

dispense reset cooling gel conditioner—massaged into wet hair for 1-2 minutes. rinse

use each wash for oily hair or weekly for a fresh start

Special Order

Pre Shampoo


This gentle cleansing foam absorbs dirt and oil while hydrating the scalp. Ideal for wavy, curly, coily, and dry hair types that wouldn't use a traditional dry shampoo.


Shake well. Spray quarter-sized amount into palm. Foam will grow to about golf ball-size. Work into desired area and massage in until dry. Repeat as needed, then style as usual.

For wavy, curly + coily hair, you can divide the foam into portions and apply smaller amounts to the desired area.  

Reset Cleansing Oil

Pink charcoal scalp cleansing oil

Hit reset and detoxify your scalp with our new purifying pre-wash. This oil-to-foam hybrid invigorates and hydrates to encourage a healthy scalp. Key ingredients pink clay and charcoal gently draw out impurities and remove product build-up without stripping hair. It's the perfect weekly remedy for dry shampoo junkies. 

Great for use on all hair types - ideal for wavy, curly or coily hair types. 

Section dry, unwashed hair. Apply to the roots and massage to distribute. Add water to transform oil into a milky lather. Wait 3-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Follow with your favorite shampoo/conditioner. Use weekly or as needed.

Special Order


A pre-shampoo treatment that seals the cuticle + balances hair's PH to protect color from wash-related fading.

fadeblock pre-shampoo color seal also helps to:
+ shield against hard water
+ shield against saltwater
+ shield against chlorine
+ contains UV filters

Apply to dry hair prior to shampooing from roots to ends. Leave in 1-2 minutes. Rinse. Follow wash routine as usual.

Fadeblock* keeps hair color protected on 10-12 washes.

*when used with the Vault shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner

Using Fadeblock* for 10 washes helps to lock color.

*when used with the Vault shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner10-12 washes using Fadeblock

* will keep your color vibrant and fresh.

*when used with the Vault shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner

Special Order


Soulfood mask

The Kure mask

For dry and dehydrated hair.

Made with jojoba seed oil for deep hydration

feeds all hair types with essential nutrition and hydration

Improves shine, softness, & elasticity.

Can be used as a weekly treatment or daily conditioner.

Intense repair mask. Weekly addition to The Kure Shampoo and Conditioner.

Powerful restorative treatment, 

made with Shea utter and Borage oil to

repair, restore, & revitalize chemically damaged hair while soothing a dry scalp.

Use The Kure Intense Repair Mask as a weekly intensive treatment in place of The Kure Repair Conditioner.


From dull to dazzling! This flash-acting mask delivers brilliant moisture and shine in just 60 seconds. Instantly seals the cuticle while softening and hydrating the hair for a silky, smooth finish. Amino acids and UV filters keep color vibrant.

For all hair types –
- fine and oily hair types use in place of conditioner
- thick and dry hair types use after conditioner

Fine and oily hair types use after shampoo in place of conditioner. thick and dry hair types use after shampoo and conditioner.
Before application, squeeze out excess water from hair. twist nozzle and apply product directly to hair in sections. Fully saturate from mid-length to ends. wait 60 seconds. rinse. 

Special Order

Wet Styling

The Wizard

Plus Size

Pre-styling spray for all hair types.

Multi-benefit primer detangles, Cuts blow dry time and protects from future damage left soft, shiny and radiant

Makes a great cutting aid.

Always apply on lightly damp hair.

Medium Hold Mousse.

Adds fullness and body to all hair types made with shaping polymers for long lasting volume that won't fill stiff or fall flat.

Super expanding formula, fluffy consistency makes it versatile and workable.

 Bust Your Brass Mousse

violet-pigmented, no-rinse conditioning treatment that keeps blonde color bright while providing an extra dose of nourishment to stressed locks.

foam format allows for the violet pigment to spread easy + evenly.

After shampooing with Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo or Vault Color-Lock Shampoo, shake can well. Dispense a golf ball-sized amount into palms and distributre evenly through damp hair. Do not rinse. Dry hair + style as desired. Toning results depend on hair porosity.

Bushwick Beach

The closest you’ll get to replicating that effortless après beach look, while summer-ing in the city. This non-drying, multi-phase texture spray instantly delivers piecey, wind-swept beach waves with body, grit and a touch of hold and shine.

Shake well. Mist evenly through damp or dry hair. For beach waves, take small sections, scrunch or twist, then let air dry or blow dry to create more texture and body. Buildable.

Velveteen Dream

Smoothing balm 

Tame frizz into submission and lock in soft-smoothness, so humidity can’t undo your ‘do.

Ideal styling agent for dry, frizzy or unmanageable hair. Suitable for all hair types.

Take a small amount and apply to damp hair. Heat style as desired


This lightweight, highly-concentrated styling-treatment hybrid formulated with Redensyl™* works as a body-boosting base to plump and thicken hair strands for touchable hair with volume that lasts all day.  

Use for styling to achieve immediate hair plumpness with massive volume, thickness + instant body with a matte-satin finish. Can be used as a finisher for a smooth sleek hold.

Perfect for fine, thin or thinning hair-types 

*trademark of Givaudan

Special Order

Dry Styling

Perk Up

True dry cleanser suitable for all types

 It is talc free and leaves no chalky residue, has a slight cooling sensation on scalp

Uses rice stanch to absorb oil and product buildup and refresh between washes.

Massage at root same way  you would with a wet shampoo.

Great dry styling aid to freshen and provide grip for quick dry styles like braids.

The Sheild

Silken Up

Dry Conditioner. Refresh mid-length and ends after using Perk Up.

Weightless, for all hair types. Softens and smooths from mid to ends.

Pro Tip: Great for getting rid of static before using hot tools or after and can be used as a dry cutting aid to prep and detangle.

Anti Humidity Spray, heat activated  invisible styling spray (always use on dry hair and before heat styling).

Protects frizz prone hair from heat damage and humidity for up to 48 hours, helps to get an extra day or two out of every salon style.

Time Release actives like Polyquaternium 59 an invisible shield is formed over every strand locking humidity out and preventing color fading and free radical damage.


Matte Volume Powder.

Shake, apply at roots for instant lift and texture.

Puff on mids and ends and tousle for a messy textured look. Also great to loosen down do's or braids.



Strong Hold Hairspray

Flake free, Freeze spray. Perfect to set more demanding styles, and up dos.

Works great on stubbornly straight hair that doesn't like to hold curls.

Touchable hairspray.

Buildable flexible dry mist.

medium hold without crunch or residue.

use before or after heat or to prolog lofe of blowut


Haute Mess

Got Grit

Volume and matte texture spray. Invisible dry finishing spray works on all types to create effortless beachy texture.

It is salt free to avoid drying, we use Zeolite which is a negatively charged mineral that builds instant fullness and matte texture.

Its great to use after curling for a more undone  look or to breakup the curl pattern.

Excellent for layering, experiment with the amount of product to create custom levels of texture.

Texture Gloss.

Versatile Styler that amps up texture, volume, and shape.

Works on all hair types, great for braiding, taming fly-aways and breaking up curls

Won't leave hair crunchy, sticky, or greesy

Iridescent formula gives shine and dimension.

This dry shampoo/styling paste hybrid gives ultimate 2nd day texture to hair, while absorbing oil + volumizing roots. Zeolite and pliable hold polymers enhance piecey-ness and add body for a gritty, defined look.

Emulsify a small amount between fingertips, apply to dry hair. For piecey separation, work through hair focusing on ends. Use at roots to absorb oil and add volume.

Special Order

Wet or Dry Styling

Booklyn Bombshell

Blowout spray lightweight mist that turns fine, limp, flat hair in to a bouncy blowout

powerful lifting polymers add long lasting root volume body and hold.

Won't get crunchy or create buildup. Use prior to blow drying and one section at a time.

can also be used on dry hair as a re-styling spray.

Vault Leave In

Put color on lock. Spray mist that effortlessly detangles and softens while UV filters + antioxidants protect vibrancy and keep color from fading to enhance the look of your hair’s overall health

Spray throughout clean, damp hair. Style as usual. Can be used on dry hair.

Curl Corps Cream

Smoothing control, provides soft hold to keep curls from frizzing, splitting, or sagging. The curl defining cream helps achieve a nice curl pattern and smooth individual curl.

Use on damp or dry hair, apply roots to ends and work through. Can be cock-tailed with the Curl Corps gel.


This supreme leave-in cream weightlessly provides superior hydration and lightweight-conditioning, leaving hair supernaturally soft and smooth with brilliant shine.

Distribute throughout damp hair and style as usual. Can also be used on dry hair to tame flyaways or refresh dry ends.


Creates a protective barrier against the damaging effects of hot tools.

It is lightweight, and locks in moisture for a smooth shiny finish.

Apply to damp or dry  hair or or as a finishing aid to tame fly away. 

Forms a protective barrier around the cuticle to not only shield hair from heat but also provide a smooth finish while revitalizing hair’s softness and shine.

First Base

Lightweight leave in for all hair types with styling and conditioning properties by

giving light hold, giving definition, & improving manageability

Use on damp or dry hair before styling to moisturize, smooth, and tame frizz.

Curl Corps Gel

Molding Blend (pomade)

Ultra pliable paste. Workable volume with medium hold. Has the hold of a wax but pliability of  a cream.

Gives structure to dry looks or messy definition to wet looks, while being water soluble to allow for re-works or re-styles

(Special Order Only)

Supernova Blonde

Keep your blonde light + bright with this violet leave-in cream that weightlessly conditions, tames frizz and heat protects. For touchable soft hair that’s full of shine. Ideal also for fine to medium hair.

Work through damp hair. Use on dry hair to tame flyaways + refresh dry ends.

Glass Action

hydrating hair oil
Treat, style and finish hair with this nutrient-rich elixir, formulated to condition and restore shine while eliminating frizz.

For prepping – Distribute a few drops throughout clean, damp hair. Style as usual. Cocktail with other styling products to add conditioning benefits

For finishing – To control frizz and protect styles, lightly distribute a few drops throughout hair, focusing on the ends. Great to tame flyaways


Show Off Gold Dust

Room Spray


Special Order

Special Order

Special Order

Reflective golden shimmer gives hair a shiny and dreamy glow.

can be used alone or added into cream, gel or pomade.

(Special Order Only)

Scent of Warm Vanilla, Citrus, and Clover

(Special Order Only)

Scent of Warm Vanilla, Citrus, and Clover

(Special Order Only)

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