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Morning Shift

*Turn off alarm
*Clock in
*Turn on lights
*Take bar off back door
*Take trash to dumpster (lock front door if no one is up there)
*Start Laundry
*Clean sinks with Scrubbing Bubbles
*Turn off doorbell at opening. 
*Turn on open sign

*Unlock both front doors

*Check answering machine


*Open blinds (might want to wait until the sun won't be blinding)
*Check back bar
*Straighten up front
*Sweep where needed (around sinks, trash bins, etc.)
*Swiffer as needed (salt in winter!)

Towards end of Shift
*Check that the bathrooms have TP, towels, soap, etc.
*Clean bathrooms.
*Towels, try not to leave huge loads for the next shift.

*Clock out

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